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Start your Friday off on the right foot with a boost of motivation and positivity. These Friday motivational quotes and positive quotes are the perfect way to set the tone for an amazing weekend. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to tackle your to-do list or just need a little pick-me-up, these quotes are sure to put a smile on your face and give you the energy you need to make the most of your Friday.

Here are some words of encouragement for the weekend. Tweet, share, and text to family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones. When you’re done, take a deep breath, relax, and groove into the weekend.

You made it through the week in one piece. It’s a blessing, don’t take it for granted. Happy Friday, TGIF!

Positive Friday Quotes

It’s been an amazing week. We have God to thank for that. I wish you a weekend that’s as amazing as the rest of your week.

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Friday is a time to reflect and be thankful for the week. As you count your blessings, may you have reasons to be joyful. Have a beautiful weekend.

Good morning, it’s Friday, prelude to the weekend. May you have a restful one.

May every of your expectations for the week that is yet to be met be fulfilled today. Have a very happy Friday.

Hope you had a pleasant week. Here’s wishing that your Friday launches you into a beautiful weekend.

You know the amazing thing about Fridays? I get to dream of two work free days with you in my arms.

May this Friday ease the stress of the past week. Have a great weekend.

Happy Friday my love, I’m looking forward to a beautiful weekend with you.

Here comes the day of the week when you can afford to dream of a sweet weekend. Happy Friday.

Finally the hustle and bustle of this week comes to an end. Look forward to a beautiful weekend. May it be a restful one for you.

Happy Friday, this is wishing you a fun filled weekend.

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Here’s sending you kisses and hugs to ease you of the stress of the past week. Have a blissful weekend.

Happy Friday love of my life, I can’t wait for you to come home for the weekend. I promise it’s going to be an exciting one.

Fridays are my favourite. I look forward to lazing around with you all weekend. I love you baby.

Friday is here, I look forward to hanging out with you and the other guys this weekend. It’ll be fun.

I’m grateful for the blessings of the past week. I’m grateful for the blessing of you.

Be joyful, be content, be thankful. It’s Friday. Have a happy one.

May you find reasons to be joyful today. Happy Friday.

Never say never! It’s not too late to make something of the week. Happy Friday.

Good morning and happy Friday. Expect greatness today.

My thoughts are with you this Friday. May you have a happy one.

May every of your expectations for this week be met before this day is over. Good morning. Have a good Friday.

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Friday Blessing Quotes

I pray this Friday brings with it the fulfillment of your dreams and expectations. Amen.

May the Lord fill your heart with peace this weekend. May He surround you with rest on every side.

This Friday, may you find the grace to pursue and overtake every blessing that has eluded you this week. Amen.

This Friday, may the Lord surprise you with the eleventh hour miracle. May you not go into the weekend fruitless in Jesus’ name.

May God bless the labour of your hands this past week and make your Friday a truly beautiful one.

May you go home this Friday with a bountiful harvest and a heart filled with thanksgiving.

May your Friday be as productive as the rest of the week. May you go into the weekend rejoicing. Amen.

70 Positive Quotes and Friday Motivational Quotes (2023) | Poemore (2)

At the end of this week, may your mouth be filled with praise for all the wonderful things the Lord has done, amen.

May the Lord who has seen you through this past week be praised. May He bless and keep you throughout the weekend. Amen

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May the Lord bless and keep you. May His face shine upon you. May He fill your life with favour and grant you a weekend full of thanksgiving. Happy Friday.

May you have a blessed Friday as you look forward to the weekend.

May all the labour of the week culminate in rich blessings this Friday. Good Morning.

We’re thankful for a beautiful week and hopeful for a lovely weekend. Happy Friday.

I pray this Friday is filled with all the blessings you’ve hoped for in the week. Good morning.

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TGIF Quotes And Sayings

It’s Friday already, party time starts now.

Here comes my favourite day of the week. TGIF

Friday finally, I wish it’d last forever.

Why does Friday have to be so short? I wish everyday could be Fridays.

Fridays are therapeutic, they ease the week’s stress away.

Let’s go have fun and celebrate. It’s Friday.

It’s Friday! Where is the party at?

Hey Friday! Is it you really? I wish it wouldn’t take you so long to come around.

Friday is the ultimate super hero. Always right on time to save me from the week’s madness.

Hey Friday, where were you when I needed you all week?

It takes forever for Friday to come around and then …zap.., it’s gone.

Weekend fun starts with Friday, tgif.

The weekend is upon us. Let’s have plenty of fun. Tgif.

Yaay! We made it to Friday, tgif.

Hey Friday, you’re special but I wish you don’t have to be so short.

Friday darling, what can I do to make you stay?

Weekends are like a beautiful dream. You wake up and zap, they’re gone.

If Fridays were human, it would be the most loved.

Thank God it’s Friday, it promises to be fun this weekend.

Friday is here, the much needed break, just a breath away.

Friday saves from breaking down. Thank God it’s Friday.

Welcome Friday, I thought you’d never come again. It took you so long.

Friday is like a long lost son that finally comes home.

Friday memo: This is to notify you all that work stops now till further notice.

Monday? Who cares? Friday? You’re a darling. I should hug you.

Something we all agree on, Fridays are the best.

Move over Thursday, can Friday come already?

Fridays are priceless. The day we all look forward to.

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Friday Motivational Quotes for Work

Stay focused on your dreams, it’s not over until you win. Have a great Friday.

It’s not too late to be what you want to be. Believe! Happy Friday.

Count your blessings. Be thankful for what you have as you work towards achieving more.

Bring in your 100%, stay strong till the last minute.

Give it your best shot till the last. Every minute counts. Happy Friday.

Stay strong! Weekend is here.

Words of Encouragement to Inspire Strength And Hope

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70 Positive Quotes and Friday Motivational Quotes (2023) | Poemore (2024)
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