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My father says that by the time 70 rolled around, he wasn’t so focused on gifts. “Sure, they’re appreciated, but they’re not really necessary,” he said. “When you get to my age, if you want something fancy, you go get it yourself. Done and done!”

But let’s face it, the gifts are happening. Whether your favorite 70-year-old wants one or not, and we think the best 70th birthday presents are more about meaning than flash.

You can never go wrong with something funny, but a unique experience or personalized gift are great options, too. Whether it’s a gift for mom, dad, or anotherseptuagenarian in your life, you want to let them know how much you appreciate them.

When the gifting-wizards at L&L assembled to shop for the perfect 70th birthday gift, we kept that in mind. Here are a few ideas to get you going!

70th Birthday Gift Ideas for a

1. Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

by Minted

Jigsaw puzzles are an enduring tradition for many families and a fun activity for the grandparents and grandkids to engage in together.

Why not make that time even more special by having a family photo printed on a quality puzzle and presented in a gorgeous keepsake box? This custom jigsaw puzzle comes in 3 age-appropriate piece counts. Whether they’re putting it together with the littlest family member, or the adults, it makes a perfect gift for the family-centric 70-year-old.

2. Seven Rings for Seven Decades Necklace


This stunning necklace is not only eye-catching but versatile enough to dress down with slacks and a shirt or dress up for a special occasion.

It features seven intertwined rings to celebrate seven beautiful decades, with the choice of silver, yellow gold, or rose gold finish. Six size lengths give her plenty of wearable options, too. Whether she prefers to wear her necklaces layered, or solo, she’s covered.

3. Custom Heart Snapshot Photo Wall Art

by Minted

Gather up thirty of her favorite photos from memorable vacations, bucket-list experiences, holidays, and more, then send them to the talented independent artists at Minted.com. They’ll transform your photos into a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece of wall art.

It’s the perfect keepsake for passing on down the generations and a beautiful way to show off all of the fun adventures and extraordinary times she’s had so far. The finished art comes in 6 sizes and a variety of framing options to go with any decor.

4. Personalized Retro History Pillow


This personalized throw pillow is so neat for those born seventy years ago. The design details who he shares his special birthday with, some notable things in history that happened that year, and lots of other interesting trivia from the year of his birth.

The story of his life captured on a decorative pillow makes an original birthday present. He’ll get a kick out of it every time he sits on the sofa! Available in three color schemes as a complete throw pillow or cover only.

5. Kindle

by No products found.

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Whether they tear through everything on the New York Times bestseller list or just enjoy a casual summertime beach read now and then, a Kindle is a super handy way to enjoy a good book.

Its 8 GB capacity holds thousands of books and audiobook titles, and it’ll last weeks on a single charge. It’s also Bluetooth compatible and pairs wireless headphones easily for audiobook listening.

Want to reallly wow them? Include a Kindle Unlimited subscription so they can access millions of books, newspapers, and audiobooks. Enough entertainment to keep ’em occupied for years to come!

6. Love Letter Personalized Blanket


This keepsake blanket displays a hand-written letter from someone special. It is a great gift to remind your favorite 70-year-old how much they’re loved.

Anything personal can be transformed into a plush throw. You can write a new letter outlining how much they mean to you, share a special note from someone else, or even feature a treasured family recipe. Send it to the folks at FirAndNeedle, where they’ll transform it into a soft fleece blanket for snuggling on the sofa.

Comes in a choice of 5 sizes.

7. Spa Treatment

by Spaweek

You’re never too old to appreciate a spa treatment. Giving the gift of self-pampering is a sure-fire way to get a huge smile and a hug in return. Redeemable at hundreds of spas across the country, there’s sure to be one near them!

8. Socks for 70 Years


These cute custom socks come with a great selection of phrases that confirm just how proud they are to be turning 70. So tell them to sit back, relax, and put their feet up for a cheers to 70 years. Then bring them a big piece of cake and a beverage of their choice.

9. UGG Slippers

by UGG

A pair of slippers may seem like an average gift, but not these ones!

UGG manages to take house slippers to a new level of comfort with a super-fluffy sheepskin inner and soft suede outer. They also feature a sturdy rubber sole suitable for indoor/outdoor use. It’s all of the comfort, style, and toasty warmth you expect from the boots, but in a slipper.

10. Baking Gift Box Subscription

by RedVelvetNYC

Is the birthday girl or birthday boy a baked goods lover, but not necessarily a baking guru? Or maybe they just love to try out different recipes? Whatever the case, a subscription to a baking box is just what the muffin-lover ordered.

Each month, a different box with a different recipe is delivered to their home containing pre-measured ingredients and step-by-step instructions. All they’ll need is baking sheets/pans/mixing tools to get baking. Just make sure they bake enough to share!

11. Historic Birth-Date Newspaper

by Historic Newspapers

What was in the news on the day they were born? Find out when you give them this unique gift of history with a genuine original newspaper from their birth date.

They’ll get a kick out of perusing through the paper, finding out what was going on in the world of sports, politics, society, and more beyond the headlines.

Newspapers from major publications in most cities are available, and each comes with a certificate of authenticity. For a keepsake you can pass down from generation to generation, frame the paper for a conversational piece of wall art.

12. Personalized 70th Birthday Wine Labels


A great idea for the wine lover! Pick out a few of their favorite bottles and surprise them with one-of-a-kind wines that celebrate 70 years of living. The labels come in a set of 4, each with a different happy birthday message.

They’re absolutely perfect if you’re hosting a 70th birthday party, too! Stock your bar with wine and stick the labels on them for a special touch. Wine with birthday cake? Hmmm, never tried it!

13. Fresh Flowers

by Bouqs

A gift idea of fresh flowers delivered directly to her door is a fragrant, colorful way to say happy 70th birthday! Bouqs has a great selection, including plenty of specially-arranged potted plants for those with a green thumb.

14. Write Your Own Story Notebook

by Papier

A great gift idea for those who are ready to make it happen. Everyone has that bucket list of things they swear they’ll get around to when they have more time. Give the newly 70-year-old this pretty journal to help them stay organized and focused on planning those bucket list items and getting it done!

Celebrate 70 With Your Favorite People

For many of us, our wants and needs change by the time we reach 70. Spending time with our loved ones becomes way more important than luxurious or expensive ‘things’.

Give the celebrated 70-year-old in your life a treasured, tangible keepsake to mark the beginning of their seventh decade on the planet. It’ll remind them they’re loved and cared for every day, and we think that’s one of the best gifts anyone can receive on such a milestone birthday!

70th Birthday Gift Ideas To Celebrate the Special Day! - Love & Lavender (2024)


What is a traditional 70th birthday gift? ›

A 70th birthday is traditionally associated with platinum. Platinum symbolizes endurance, strength, and the rare and precious nature of reaching this significant milestone in life.

What is appropriate for a 70th birthday? ›

Self-care gifts are some of the best presents to give anyone, especially for a milestone birthday such as 70. Such gifts provide the opportunity to relax and enjoy life, while simultaneously celebrating the individual's accomplishments and successes.

What is the color of your 70th birthday? ›

What is the color for 70 years old? Silver, gold and black are the traditional colors for celebrating a 70th birthday, and they're also fashionable colors for jewelry! Commemorate your loved one's special day by making beaded black, silver and gold jewelry you can cherish forever.

What do you get for a 70th? ›

Meaningful 70th Birthday Gifts

Photo Gifts: A picture is worth a thousand words. Meaningful Keepsakes: Consider a personalised pocket watch expertly engraved with their name, a jewellery box engraved with a touching message, or a fine quality personalised pen.

What should a woman do for her 70th birthday? ›

From afternoon tea vouchers to enjoy in a beautiful setting with grandma to a lovely statement piece of jewellery for mum and a cheeky personalised wine glass and bottle of vino for your friend, you can easily find the right 70th birthday gift for her.

What color rose for 70th birthday? ›

With two tone flowers in warm yellow and pink blends, this rose is the perfect way to send 70th birthday wishes!

Why is 70th birthday important? ›

Turning 70 is an impressive milestone that requires more than just a simple celebration. It represents seven decades of experiences, adventures, wisdom, and relationships – all elements that have uniquely shaped the life of the individual reaching this monumental age.

Is 70 a milestone birthday for a woman? ›

70th Milestone Birthday Gift: The 70th birthday is such an important milestone in life, it means we are about to enter a new stage of life, and it is definitely worth celebrating.

Is 70 a golden birthday? ›

There is another chance to celebrate your golden birthday!

If you were born in 1970, you celebrate on your, you got it, 70th birthday. The same kinda deal with 1982: celebrate your golden birthday at the age of 82! This is also referred to as your platinum birthday.

What to write in a 70th birthday card for a man? ›

I wish you nothing but the best on this grandest day of your life, friend. You have been a true blessing in my life! It's my belief that 70 is a tremendous number for an equally impressive and wonderful person like you. That's why I hope and pray that you will only keep getting better and improving as you grow older.

How do you know your birth color? ›

Birth Color by Month
  • January Colors—Dark Red / Garnet.
  • February Colors—Purple / Amethyst.
  • March Colors—Light Blue / Aquamarine.
  • April Colors—Silver / Clear / Diamond.
  • May Colors—Green / Emerald.
  • June Colors—Light Purple / Alexandrite / Pearl.
  • July Colors—Red / Ruby.
  • August Colors—Light Green / Peridot.
Apr 12, 2024

What ages are special birthdays? ›

As mentioned above 16,17, 18 and 21 are often considered milestone birthdays. After that, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays are significant. Some people may celebrate 65th 66th or 67th birthdays as milestone birthdays, due to this being associated with 'official' retirement ages.

How do you make a 70th special? ›

70th Birthday Party Ideas for a Spectacular Celebration
  1. Host a Decades Party.
  2. Have Fun With Flower Arranging.
  3. Keep It Casual With a Family BBQ.
  4. Go Glam With a Casino Night.
  5. Go Retro at an Ice Cream Shop.
  6. Host a Pottery Class.
  7. Tour a Vineyard.
  8. Plan a Classic Movie Night.
Jul 5, 2023

Is there a 70th birthday rose? ›

Celebrating a 70th birthday is a momentous occasion that certainly deserves a unique and thoughtful gift. Up steps this delightful 'Fab at 70' rose!

What anniversary is 70th? ›


Is there a rose to celebrate a 70th birthday? ›

Celebrating a 70th birthday is a momentous occasion that certainly deserves a unique and thoughtful gift - up steps this delightful 'Fab at 70' rose!

Is 70th birthday called Golden? ›

A Platinum Birthday is when your birth year corresponds with the age you're turning (i.e. for someone born in 1970, their Platinum Birthday comes when they turn 70.)

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