70th Birthday Guide: Colors, Themes, Presents And More (2024)

Reaching 70 is an incredible milestone. Many years ago, it was unheard of even to reach old age. A 70th birthday is a beautiful achievement, and it is a significant cause of celebration. When you reach 70, your birthday is symbolized by the color platinum. It is a special occasion with many traditions associated with it.

What is the 70th Anniversary Called?

A 70th anniversary is called a platinum jubilee. It is represented by the color platinum because of its elegance and grace, which is exemplified by the years of experience it had over the course of the 70 years. Platinum is one of the most valuable metals in the world. Much like a 70th anniversary, platinum is highly precious and rare. There is no metal that alludes to this better.

A platinum jubilee was customarily held by monarchs in the olden times. They would have a platinum jubilee to signify their 70th year of life, 70 years in power, or 70 years of their kingdom. These days, a platinum jubilee is celebrated whenever a 70th anniversary is in order.

Most milestone celebrations are signified by a precious stone or metal. Platinum is even more precious than gold and many other stones. It is highly dense, which makes it a very durable metal. It is also immune to corrosion and rust. It is one of the most resistant metals and the least reactive.

Platinum is a beautiful allegory for a 70th anniversary. Something that has lasted that long has to be durable and very precious – just like the metal platinum. It is one of the most resistant metals and the least reactive to acids and others.

What Are the 70th Anniversary Colors?

As previously mentioned, for a 70th anniversary, the primary color is platinum. The platinum color is almost like the color silver. It is a gray color that is quite light and metallic, resembling the metal it is named after. Platinum colors usually have some bluish hue or tint in them to make them pop and look more elegant.

Having everything colored platinum for the 70th anniversary can get quite tiresome. Because of this, party designers and planners accentuate the platinum color with various colors. These colors are usually gold tints to make the color look even more expensive.

Other popular colors to pair with platinum are silver and blue. Using silver to highlight the platinum color can help bring out the silver tints in it. Blue accents subsequently bring out the blue tinges in the color platinum as well.

Overall, the colors for a 70th anniversary center themselves around being refined and elegant. The overall vibe of the celebration is precious and durable. Many people opt to have their 70th-anniversary celebrations look as grand and expensive as possible to mimic the monarchs of old that would hold these types of celebrations.

What is the Stone For the 70th Birthday?

The traditional stone that represents a 70th birthday celebration is none other than the sapphire. The sapphire is a beautiful blue stone that is highly precious and valuable. Sapphires represent a successful love and sympathetic relationship. It is why it is the gemstone of choice for 70th birthdays and anniversaries. It is said that if you lose your passion, then the blue gemstone will turn a greenish color to represent the loss.

To reach 70 is a great success for both love and sympathy. It can be said that the sapphire was chosen because of its representation of success. No matter how you look at it, when something reaches 70 years of existence, it is a huge win. It means that it has survived countless hardships and pains to make it to that fateful and joyous milestone day.

A 70th birthday also has an alternative stone that represents it. This stone is smoky quartz. Smoky quartz is famous for its durability and resilience. It is often called the stone of endurance for its ability to last a long time and get through whatever.

Much like platinum, smoky quartz is precious and robust. Again, these are representations of a 70th birthday. It is for this reason that the smoky quartz was chosen as an alternative stone for the occasion.

What Flower Represents the 70th Birthday?

There is no definite answer for what flowers represent a 70th birthday. However, there are some suggestions. One popular suggestion is peonies. You may or may not know of peonies. If you are big on flowers, then you have probably heard of these flowers.

They are native to China and other various parts of Asia. They are pretty like roses in that they are beautiful and delicate. Asian people associate peonies with many symbolisms such as happy marriages, long lives, and many riches. These symbolisms make it perfect for both early anniversaries and late ones too.

It may sound typical and cliche, but another flower that represents the 70th birthday is none other than roses. Roses are famous all year long for being beautiful and delicate. Their beauty and symbolism are perfect to represent the tender age of 70 years old. Overall, you can not go wrong in choosing roses to represent a birthday milestone celebration. There are many colors and varieties of roses that are available to choose from.

What is a Good Theme for a 70th Birthday Party?

There are many themes that you could choose for a 70th birthday party celebration. Here are some examples:

  • A blast from the past

It could be fun to throw a party that is reminiscent of the time that the celebrant grew up in. You could have themes from the generation that they grew up in. Play the music that they listened to and put up references to what was popular at the time. Another thing you could do is have a slideshow of the memories that the celebrant had over the years. Have some of their friends and family tell fond stories of their life and give speeches. Overall, it would be fun to take a look back on their 70 long and eventful years of life.

  • Story of their life

Another fun idea would be to throw a party that is themed around their life. If they were a pilot, have an aviation-themed party. If they liked to fish, you could throw a party by a lake and have everybody partake in some fishing. Being that they are 70, they are likely long retired by now and do not get to do what they love much anymore. As such, this party could be a great way to let them enjoy their storied life.

  • co*cktail Party

If your birthday celebrant loves getting fancy and dressed up, a co*cktail party is a perfect event for their 70th birthday. You could book a nice cruise or restaurant and host a classy gathering there. Have all of their friends show up and live the high-life together, even if it’s just for a day. It will definitely be a day that they remember.

  • Food party

You could always throw a classic food party that is centered around the celebrant’s favorite foods. Have an excellent buffet of all their beloved dishes in a nice hotel or have a catering service come to you. Food is something that is beloved by all ages. Your 70-year-old birthday celebrant has likely gathered a long list of favorite foods by now. Surprise them with tons of unique dishes from over the years.

What do you Wear to a 70th Birthday Party?

A 70th birthday celebration party is usually a formal event. Depending on the party, however, there may be specific themes or dress codes. It is always nice to wear your best to a 70th birthday celebration as it is rare and only happens once in a lifetime. The birthday celebrant would be sure to appreciate the gesture and be happy to know you care enough to put on something decent.

For themed parties, follow the theme as best as you can. Nobody likes the person who puts no effort into their attire. If there is no theme, wear at least a semi-formal or smart business casual attire.

Generally, these events would be suit and tie parties. For children, dress them in their best clothes. For adults, wear something fancy and fitting for the celebration.

What is the Traditional Gift for a 70th Birthday?

The traditional gift for 70th birthdays is all things platinum. These gifts are typically platinum jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and other piercings. Obviously, you could get creative with your gift if you have the money for it. Make some platinum jewelry or gifts of your own to leave an impression.

For extra effect, some people add traditional and alternative gemstones to platinum jewelry. These gemstones are sapphire and smoky quartz. It will cost a lot of money, but turning 70 is a momentous occasion.


The color platinum is usually given to represent the day because of the metal’s durability and value. A 70th birthday is a massive occasion for anyone lucky enough to celebrate it. It is a special occasion that celebrates a person’s endurance and longevity.

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70th Birthday Guide: Colors, Themes, Presents And More (2024)


What are the colors for the 70th birthday party? ›

Silver, gold and black are the traditional colors for celebrating a 70th birthday, and they're also fashionable colors for jewelry! Commemorate your loved one's special day by making beaded black, silver and gold jewelry you can cherish forever.

What is the best theme for a 70th birthday? ›

A decades party is always a fun theme idea for a milestone birthday — especially if the birthday honoree has a favorite decade in mind. Take a journey through decades past with a 60s soiree, 70s era party, 80s theme bash, or 90s style party.

What symbolizes 70th birthday? ›

A 70th birthday is traditionally associated with platinum. Platinum symbolizes endurance, strength, and the rare and precious nature of reaching this significant milestone in life.

What Colour is 70th year? ›

70th Anniversary: Platinum

The platinum anniversary at 70 years reflects the strength, endurance and rarity of timeless love.

What are the birthday colors? ›

Birth Color by Month
  • January Colors—Dark Red / Garnet.
  • February Colors—Purple / Amethyst.
  • March Colors—Light Blue / Aquamarine.
  • April Colors—Silver / Clear / Diamond.
  • May Colors—Green / Emerald.
  • June Colors—Light Purple / Alexandrite / Pearl.
  • July Colors—Red / Ruby.
  • August Colors—Light Green / Peridot.
Apr 12, 2024

What color roses for 70th birthday? ›

Happy Birthday Rose - 70th Birthday Rose is a stunning Deep Yellow with Pink Shades rose and also has a Moderately Scented fragrance. Perfect for planting in Ideal for Pots & Borders, this Potted Hybrid Tea Rose will reach approx 90cm, bringing colour, life and love to the garden year after year.

What is a 70 theme? ›

The 1970s were known as a decade of excess, disco music, loud clothing, and big, feathered hair. All those amazing classic looks and music are the perfect theme for a party, no matter who is attending. Disco balls, bell bottoms, and platform shoes are fun for everyone, maybe hard to dance in, but fun nonetheless.

What is a good quote for a 70th birthday? ›

They say age is just a number, and at 70, you've proven it to be true. May your days be filled with the richness of experience and the warmth of cherished moments. As the sun sets on 70 incredible years, may the twilight of life bring you peace, contentment, and the fulfillment of dreams yet to come. Happy 70th!

What stone represents 70th birthday? ›


What flower represents 70 years? ›

70th Anniversary: Chrysanthemum

The 70th anniversary, also known as the platinum anniversary, is a remarkable celebration of seventy years together. Just like the strength and rarity of platinum, this milestone signifies unwavering endurance and resilience.

What is 70 years old celebration called? ›

A platinum jubilee is a celebration held to mark an anniversary. Among monarchies, it usually refers to a 70th anniversary.

Is age 70 a milestone birthday? ›

Turning 70 is an impressive milestone that requires more than just a simple celebration. It represents seven decades of experiences, adventures, wisdom, and relationships – all elements that have uniquely shaped the life of the individual reaching this monumental age.

What are the best colors for seniors? ›

Color Therapy for Seniors: Boost Your Mood in Every Season
  • Soft Blue for Calm. ...
  • Green for Comfort. ...
  • Brown for Safety. ...
  • Purple for Creativity. ...
  • Orange for Appetite. ...
  • White for Space. ...
  • Black for Relaxation. ...
  • Soft Yellows for Happiness. Soft yellow does just what you'd think: It makes a room feel sunny.

What is the most 70s color? ›

The flower child movement of the times helped bring subdued, earthy tones to the forefront in the 1970s. From appliances to furniture and carpeting, avocado greens, rustic browns, and mustard yellows dominated design.

What colors are associated with age? ›

For the age levels, Lee et al (2009) 13 found young people prefer light colours and elder people prefer dark colours. Dittmar (2001) 46 reported that the colour preference tends to be stable for adult people, but blue colour preference starts to decrease, and turn to prefer green and red when people enter old age. ...

Is 70th birthday called Golden? ›

A Platinum Birthday is when your birth year corresponds with the age you're turning (i.e. for someone born in 1970, their Platinum Birthday comes when they turn 70.)

Is 70th birthday a golden birthday? ›

There is another chance to celebrate your golden birthday!

If you were born in 1970, you celebrate on your, you got it, 70th birthday. The same kinda deal with 1982: celebrate your golden birthday at the age of 82! This is also referred to as your platinum birthday.

What are the best birthday Colours? ›

Bright and festive colors like red, blue, yellow, or green often work well. However, if there's a specific theme for the party or a color associated with the birthday person, consider incorporating that into your outfit. Ultimately, choose a color that makes you feel comfortable and confident for the celebration.

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