Brown-Butter Orzo With Butternut Squash Recipe (2024)



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As a chef who has worked a number of years in Greece, I would recommend seeking out Greek orzo. The difference is that the Greek product uses butter and milk in the pasta dough whereas the Italian ones are just flour and water. The finished dish will have a nicer, creamier texture.


I have a basem*nt full of home grown butternut squash, so I'm always on the look out for new ways to serve it. I made this last night and it was delicious. I followed the directions just as written EXCEPT, not trusting the cooking time for the squash, I parcooked it in the microwave in a large covered bowl with a 1/4 cup water for 4 minutes and drained it before I added it to the shallot and brown butter. The resulting squash in the end was perfectly cooked and silky.


Delicious meal! My tweak - used 2 cups of vegetable stock and 1 cup of pinot grigio, which added depth to the taste. This recipe is a keeper.


A fine meal in its own. Did not deviate from recipe, used sage, and it came out beautifully. Don’t forget the dollop of ricotta cheese at the end!


This is an outstanding recipe and my new favorite side dish of all time. It speeds up cooking to passively pre-roast the butternut squash at 400 degrees in the oven for half an hour. I substituted crème fraiche for the ricotta based on what I had available, and added garlic with the herbs. The flavors are rich, savory, and indulgent. This dish is greater than the sum of its parts!


Used Arborio instead of orzo and it turned out creamy and delicious.Would do this again but perhaps put the Arborio into the pot prior to the stock… just to toast it a bit.

Eva Achas Resnik

Delicious. Just because , growing up in Philippines, we cooked almost anything with coconut milk, i used coconut milk and chicken broth to make 3 cups of liquid.


This is straight up delicious. Made exactly as specified - outstanding.


This was fantastic; I substituted quinoa for orzo (didn't have), which made it much more healthy and probably as tasty. I had just roasted some BN squash and was looking for a good recipe for the cubes. Oh, also added broccoli florets- perfect dish.


So delicious. To tweak, I would bloom hand-ground pepper in the browning butter. Once the squash is soft slightly mash it, then add the orzo to toast while stirring with a bit of orange wine, then gradually add the broth in about 3-4 batches to gradually absorb like a traditional risotto. Let sit for a few minutes before adding Locatelli pecorino romano and a squeeze of lemon.


Doubled the cooking time and added a cup of white wine, which worked well as otherwise the pasta would have been undercooked. Also recommend a teaspoon of white miso if you have on hand — as with all recipes, have a glass of said wine while it cools down!


Really liked this - Used chicken broth, whole wheat orzo and sage. Very nice.

John K.

Surprisingly good; used whole wheat orzo which accentuated the nutty flavor. Skipped the ricotta. Needed more stock though - ended up using 4-4.5 cups.

Barbara from Ottawa

This was amazing! Next time, in addition to the sage in the recipe, I will fry some more sage leaves in a bit of butter or oil and scatter them over the top of each serving -- a little bit of crunch and a boost of flavor.


This was delicious! Didn't have stock in the house so used two cups of water and 1 cup of white wine instead. A beautiful bowl of herby, creamy comfort.


This was great and super easy using pre-cut squash. Used some white wine to deglaze and added a lot of flavor. Endless possibilities for seasonings. I used dried sage and rosemary as I forgot I didn’t have fresh. Really could use anything. Also added some chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s which was a filling and flavorful addition. Easy if not super quick, but did allow me to enjoy a glass of wine with my spouse while it cooked. Great weeknight meal.

CC in DC

Delicious and so quick and easy! I used a large pinch of dried rosemary instead of sage. Will add the ricotta next time (didn’t have it on hand). Very happy with this!


I love this recipe so much, and usually follow it to a T. But the last time I made it, I realized–only after I had added the broth—I only had 1/2 cup of orzo left! I added some collard greens, and it ended up being a wonderful soup.


Made this as written other than adding a little spinach at the end for some greens. So so tasty. Excellent pretty quick dinner that feels like a treat.


Easy, delicious. Served with roasted broccolini.


Made this for the second time tonight - very good both times. This time: Half olive oil/half butter (still got that nutty, butter flavor); used barley (precooked) instead of orzo; skipped the ricotta (didn’t have any, and besides I’m trying to make things healthier) and it was fine without it. No stock was needed, since the barley was already cooked. Just added some white wine and water to make it a bit of a broth and cooked until butternut was tender. Used rosemary. Lovely.

Carolyn S.

Used veggie stock and diced onion. Substituted crumbled feta for ricotta cheese. Stirred in a handful of frozen peas just prior to serving The lemon zest is a great addition.


This was good, but next time I wouldn’t use nearly as much lemon zest; it ended up being overpowering. Maybe my squash just wasn’t as flavorful, but I found the whole thing a bit lacking. Used 1c wine 2c chicken stock per reviews, and needed way more salt.


Added kielbasa. Chef's kiss.

Derek Torrey

Just follow the recipe, it’s superb.


Delicious. Fresh sage and ricotta a must! I used 2 cups homemade chicken stock and 1 cup Pinot Grigio. Also added 1T chopped preserved lemon.


I steamed the butternut squash with a little brown sugar and butter (a small touch of sweetness) before adding it to the Dutch oven and saved some time on the stove. This is a refreshing delicious meal, earthy and warming. The whole family loved it.


So tasty and easy. Substituted 1 rutabaga since I only had about 2 cups of squash. Used onion and better than bouillon. The timing was spot on. This is a keeper.


This was so simple and just delicious! THANK YOU Melissa Clark!


I found the sage flavoring a little overwhelming. Opt for rosemary instead. Steam oven/microwave squash for 4 minutes to get perfect consistency. Lemon at end key to add brightness to dish.

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Brown-Butter Orzo With Butternut Squash Recipe (2024)
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