How to Talk to Your Crush and Make Them Like You Back (2024)

How to Talk to Your Crush and Make Them Like You Back (1)

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Got a crush on someone special? That’s one of the sweetest feelings in the world, right? You see them, your eyes shift downward, you try and contain your smile, you feel your cheeks burning. Oh, you want SO much to talk to them but you are way too shy. Guess what?

We are here to help! Keep reading for some tips on how to open up and approach your crush. Ready? Take a deep breath because it’s going to be a wonderful ride.

How to talk to your crush and get them to like you

The thought of talking to your crush might leave you with sweaty palms and sleepless nights. This might seem like a daunting task. However, this doesn’t have to be as difficult as it looks like.

Talking to your crush should always start on a healthy and positive note. This means that you must ensure that you leave a good first impression, both in terms of your looks and personality. Once things start on a healthy note, the road ahead becomes a lot easier and other tips to stay connected to them follow.

10 ways to start a conversation with your crush for the first time & keep it going

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How to make a conversation with your crush? If you wish to understand how to talk to your crush or ways to continue talking to your crush, check out the tips below:

1. Create a mental list of conversation topics

OK, so you’ve managed a “Hi, how’s it going?” and your crush has responded, “Great? And you?”. You’ve got some traction! How do you keep things going? Fortunately for you, you’ve got a list of casual conversation topics in your head. Pull out your inhibitions to keep your crush interested.

2. Start small, start safe

OK, we know you are an introvert, and it’s painful to be the first one to say hello. So let’s start this off with some practice.

You are going to say hello to one person a day, but not your crush.

It can be a classmate, a co-worker, someone you see each day on the subway or bus, your neighbor. Anyone that won’t be creeped out by you saying hello to them.

The purpose of this exercise is to show you that the world doesn’t come crashing in when you take the initiative and say “hello” first to someone you are familiar with. Once you have done this for two weeks, you’ll have built enough trust to say “hello” (or “hi” or “How’s it going?”) to your crush.

3. Introduce yourself

If your crush knows you already, you can skip this tip, but if your crush has no idea about who you are, it is better to introduce yourself after a Hi in order to not scare them right away. So, one of the ways of how to talk to your crush is to keep your introduction simple.

For instance, you can say something like, “Hi, I am <Name>, I guess we haven’t met before.”

4. Greet your crush

One of the ways to talk to your crush is to always greet your crush when you meet them face to face or find them around. Always smile and add a bit of positivity. This will ensure that they will always think nicely of you.

5. Stay connected online

If they are in your college or workplace, face to face is not the only option you should have. To keep a conversation going with your crush, make use of social media as one of the tips on how to talk to your crush. Send them a friend request to keep in touch.

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6. Have someone mutual

It is better to have a mutual friend to build more trust in the bond you share initially. Anyone would be intimated to be approached by a complete stranger.

So, a mutual friend would help a great deal to start with. They will also act as excuses to text your crush or talk to them in person.

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7. Invite them for conversation to some beautiful place

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You can plan a get-together where other friends along with your crush are invited. This Will definitely bring you two closer or atleast help your crush know you better. Remember, the vibe and beauty of the place are an added advantage.

8. Tag your crush in posts online

If you wonder how to talk to your crush or continue the conversation with them, you must be active on social media and keep tagging her with heart-touching posts and funny memes to keep her reminded of you.

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9. Start a conversation with a compliment

Never forget to compliment your crush and put a smile on their face. They must know you appreciate them, in and out. So, each time you come face to face with them, compliment their dress or their smile. They will feel observed.

How to Talk to Your Crush and Make Them Like You Back (4)

10. Flirt a bit

A little bit of flirting will only add to the excitement of the bond you both share. Give your crush hints that you are interested in them. Make sure you read their boundaries and don’t cross the line.

10 topics to talk about with your crush

How to Talk to Your Crush and Make Them Like You Back (5)

Wondering what to say to your crush? What to talk about with your crush? Here are some topics that will guide you on how to talk to your crush and things to talk about with your crush on the phone and face to face.

1. Comment on something you notice about your crush

A tattoo, their hairstyle or color, something they are wearing (“nice earring!”), or their perfume (“That smells great! What perfume are you wearing?”)

2. Comment on what’s around you

If you are at school, say something about your next class or ask your crush about theirs. If you are at work, comment on how crazy your morning has been and ask your crush if they are as overworked as everyone else.

3. Comment on a current event

“Did you watch the game last night?” is always a good conversation starter, unless you aren’t a sports fan. In that case, pick politics, the morning commute, or any hot topic that’s been in the news lately.

4. You’ve got your crush engaged, so keep it going

Now you and your crush are talking. You sense they are interested; they aren’t making excuses to try and end your discussion. Their body language suggests they want to keep it going: their feet are pointing towards you, and they are “mirroring” what you are doing—perhaps crossing hands across the chest or pushing a stray hair back behind their ear when you do the same. All good signs!

At this point, you can suggest going to grab a coffee or a soft drink and moving the conversation to a place where you can keep talking while sipping on a beverage.

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5. You’ve got a connection

How to Talk to Your Crush and Make Them Like You Back (6)

Your crush has agreed to go have some coffee with you. Nervous?

Take a deep breath and remind yourself that your crush wants to keep talking to you.

You are an interesting, kind and good person. At the coffee place, offer to pay for this “date.” It will show that you are a generous person and send a message to your crush that you like them more than just as a friend.

Now’s also the time to go back into your mental list of conversation topics just in case you “freeze” and lose the discussion thread. Here are some additional ways to keep up the verbal back and forth:

  • Open up your phones and comment on some of your funny pictures.
  • Show each other some hilarious memes.
  • Cue up some of your favorite youtube videos—cold opens for SNL, for example.
  • Share your music playlists and talk about your favorite bands. (Invite your crush to an upcoming musical event if you have one in mind.)

6. Family stories

If you want to know how to talk to your crush, you can go ahead and talk to them about their families and their expectations of your crush. This topic will rarely exhaust as there is so much to talk about, and additionally, you can share your stories too.

7. Childhood memories

One of the conversations to have with your crush is to discuss their happy childhood memories. It is important to make them feel happy and positive around you. And treading down good old memories is the best catch.

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8. Love history

If you both are comfortable, you both can jokingly discuss your old crushes and funny dates. This will open up ways for you to know them better, and if at all, they are currently open to getting into a relationship and of what kind.

9. Hobbies

Know about their hobbies, and with time, you can plan dates that revolve around their interests. This will surely excite them around you.

10. Spirituality

One of the deep topics to discuss, spirituality, is one thing that will help you understand how they are from the inside, their thoughts, and their take on life.

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5 tips to build romance while talking to them

How to Talk to Your Crush and Make Them Like You Back (7)

How to get your crush to like you? Build romance in your bond with your crush and know how to talk to your crush with these simple hacks:

  • Be authentically “you”

If you are a shy person, you might think it better to adopt a “persona,” imitating someone that you admire or see as more extroverted than you. Don’t do this. You want your crush to like you for who you truly are, not someone you are projecting onto them.

Be yourself. It’s all you’ve got.

And if your crush is not receptive to you —if you sense them losing interest—that’s ok. Remind yourself that this isn’t rejection. It’s just that you aren’t as good a match for each other as you initially thought.

This happens all the time and doesn’t mean you aren’t a great person. Keep putting yourself out there. You’ll have other crushes in life, thankfully. And one day, that little “hello, how’s it going?” It will be beginning of a new relationship.

  • Remind yourself of your inherent worthiness

Often shy people have low self-esteem, which contributes to their fear of reaching out to others. “They won’t be interested in me,” they might tell themselves.

Now’s the time for working on your affirmations.

Practice this every day for life. This has been proven to help enhance feelings of self-esteem and well-being. The better you feel about yourself, the easier it is to take those risks and start a conversation with everyone around you, including your crush!

  • Listen

Make sure you listen to your crush and let them speak their heart out. Don’t interrupt them while they are talking, and always smile and listen to them intently.

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  • Eye contact

Eye contact during the entire conversation not only shows how interested you are in them but also displays your confidence. This is silent body language that will increase the attraction between you two.

  • Avoid checking your phone

To get your crush to fall for you while you are with them, put your phone down and pay complete attention to them. This is also a basic etiquette that you must follow while spending time with them.

How to ask your crush out

How to Talk to Your Crush and Make Them Like You Back (8)

Wondering how to make the next move and ask your crush out? Here are your flirty and witty one-liners to pop up the question:

  • You. Me. Movies. 7:00 pm?
  • Keep your schedule clear because I’m taking you on the best date of your life tonight.
  • Do you want to go out with me? Yes or yes?
  • Good morning, are you free for lunch?
  • I can’t wait to see you. Let’s go out and celebrate!
  • If you can guess my favorite restaurant, I’ll take you there.
  • I’ve been wanting to try this new restaurant <ABC>, and they have your favorite food. What time are you free?
  • I’ve missed talking to you. Let’s get together for lunch/ dinner.
  • Would you rather Netflix and chill or take me out to a five-star restaurant? I’m game for either.
  • I can read your mind, and yes, I’ll go out with you.
  • I really want to go on a date tonight. If only there were someone to ask me…
  • Let’s make plans that we won’t actually cancel.
  • If I asked you out on a date, would you say yes? Hypothetically, of course.
  • I like you a lot. Would you like to go on a date with me?
  • Would you grace me with your presence this Saturday night?


Seeing the spark of the new relationship brewing is an exciting thing that keeps you on cloud nine. We understand! So, make sure you put forward the right foot, go slow, and build the chemistry to ultimately ask your crush out.

With the right move, for sure, you are in for a happy and healthy relationship.

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How to Talk to Your Crush and Make Them Like You Back (2024)
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