Roblox Apeirophobia Walkthrough - How to beat levels 0-10 (2024)

It's not very often that the Roblox platform offers a truly terrifying experience for players to take part in, which explains why Apeirophobia has skyrocketed to extreme popularity since its release. Similar to another fan-favorite Roblox experience, The Mimic, Apeirophobia requires players to explore unsettling levels, complete various tasks, and ultimately reach the exit all while evading exceptionally chilling monsters. If you're brave enough to venture through this experience and are looking for a level-by-level guide, you're in luck! Continue reading below to learn all there is know about how to survive Apeirophobia.

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How to beat all levels in Apeirophobia

Level zero

Luckily, the first level in Apeirophobia is rather simple. After watching a brief cutscene, you'll be thrown into the backrooms and left with those around you to find the exit to the next level. To do this, explore the backrooms and keep your eye out for black arrows painted on the walls. Following these arrows will lead you to the vent that you'll need to use to escape.

Also, be sure to watch out for the two entities in this level, the Howler and the Siren, as they feed off of each other and work together to kill your team. Because the Siren can't inflict damage, it instead works as the Howler's bodyguard, warning it of your presence by screaming and blurring your vision. When this happens, run! The Howler is exceptionally fast and won't rest until you're far beyond both entities' view.

After escaping through the vent and entering the next area, turn on your flashlight and walk forward until you reach a tiled room—this is the start to level one.

Level one

Before escaping level one, you'll need to find and turn six valves scattered across the eery, maze-like map. These valves can be in the pools of water, on the walls, and even near the ceiling, so be sure to check high and low. While exploring for these valves, keep your eye out for the Starfish—this entity is completely silent but moves pretty slow, so you should be able to escape it fairly easily.

After finding and turning all six valves, the door at the back of the maze should be unlocked, and the button on the side of it should turn green. Walk through this door, jump into the water behind it, swim down to the bottom, swim forward, and then swim up to reach the surface. You should now be in a dimly-lit, tiled hallway. Run to the end of this hallway and jump into the dark and seemingly-bottomless pit to enter the next area.

Level two

You should now be in a backrooms-esque room once more. Instead of exploring the backrooms like you did in level zero, however, go up the stairs in front of you and follow the long hallway until it abruptly drops off and you're looking at a wall full of signs. There are luckily no entities in this level, so you don't have to worry about being attacked just yet. Jump off of the edge of this hallway to enter the next area.

Level three

The level three area should resemble an abandoned office and feature numerous filing cabinets, lockers, and long, ominous hallways. To escape this area and move onto the next, you'll need to find and collect three keys inside of the filing cabinets and use them to unlock the office's gate. Unfortunately, these keys are randomly placed each round, so there's no definitive location that we can give you.

The main pieces of advice that we can offer are A) only run when absolutely necessary, and B) crouch as much as possible. The entity in this level, the Hound, is completely blind but reacts to even the slightest of sounds. Each time that you open a drawer, sprint, pick up a key, or unlock a padlock, the entity will come running. If it comes toward you, immediately move out of the way and lower yourself into a crouch to avoid being attacked. If working with teammates, whistling can be a helpful way to distract the Hound while others move or search.

Once you've found all three keys and unlocked the gate, a loud buzzer will go off and the entity will become more aggressive. To escape the second part of level three, you'll need to explore the various rooms connected to the main area and look for red buttons. After finding and pressing all nine buttons, return to the area where you started and look for a wall that reads This Way?—on this wall should be a fire escape door that you can now enter. Walk through this door, up the stairs, and then through the next door. Then, go all the way down the fire escape stairs to the very bottom floor and walk through the exit.

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Level four

Similar to level two, level four does not have an entity in it. To escape this creepy and desolate pool area, follow the long hallway that's directly in front of you, ignoring the first staircase that you see and continuing until you reach the second. Climb this staircase and continue walking forward—eventually you should find an area where the floor turns from tile to glass. Follow this glass floor forward until you reach tile yet again. At the end of the tiled hallway should be a glowing white and glitchy doorway that you can walk through.

Level five

In terms of getting lost, level five likely takes the cake for being the most difficult to complete. After walking through the glitchy doorway, you'll be teleported to a dark and dreary cave system. Because this area is so grey and dark, it's exceptionally hard to see where you're going and easy to get turned around—be sure to have your flashlight or camera ready.

To escape this area, we'd recommend sticking to the rightmost wall for as long as possible and following the trail of yellow utility lights. There aren't really any other tips that we can give you unfortunately, it really just comes down to your ability to solve a practically pitch-black maze. The exit of this area is a large purple portal.

The entity in this area, the Skin Walker, is a mimicking entity that looks grey at first, but will transform and take the identity of any player that it kills. When this entity is skinless, it's much more likely to attack. After it takes a skin and transforms into another player, however, it will become docile in hopes of tricking the other players into following it. Be sure to communicate with your teammates about their locations at all times!

Level six

Though level six is intimidating, it isn't too difficult to escape. After walking through the purple portal in level five, you will be teleported to a long, congested hallway, complete with a menacing red light and blaring alarm. Behind you in this hallway is the Titan Smiler, an exceptionally fast entity that never slows down or stops until it kills every player in its path. In order to escape this level, you'll need to run through the twisting hallways as fast as you can while avoiding various obstacles by jumping, climbing, sprinting, and crawling. At the end of this seemingly-endless hallway is the exit door.

Level seven

Despite level seven being free from entities, and having all of its lights on, it's still typically viewed as the most difficult level to complete. In order to escape level seven, players need to follow the steps below.

  1. Find all of the colorful dice scattered around the library's main area
  2. Access the computer in the main area and decipher its code*
  3. Input the code based on your findings
  4. Take the new code that the computer gives you and use it to open the Staff Only door
  5. Solve the maze and reach the vent
  6. Climb through the vent until you reach the next room
  7. Look for and open the book in this room
  8. Flip the page until you reach a list of numeric codes
  9. Test each of these codes by entering them into the keypad connected to the next Staff Only door
  10. When the correct code is entered, the door will open and will find a new vent to climb through
  11. Maneuver through this vent until you reach the next room
  12. Drop down into this room and approach the computer
  13. Type Y into the computer's text box and press Confirm
  14. The computer should start booting and, when complete, open a small vent that you can use to leave the room along with the main exit
  15. Leave the room and walk up to the exit wall

*How to decipher the dice code

While it may seem confusing, the dice code isn't too difficult to solve once you understand how it works. Firstly, find and write down or memorize the total number of dice in the library and how many of each color there are. For example, we found:

  • One grey
  • One yellow
  • One green
  • One blue
  • Two purple

With this information saved, approach the computer and read its screen. Detailed on the computer is the key below.

  • Red = 1
  • Green = 2
  • Blue = 3
  • Grey = 4
  • Yellow = 5
  • Purple = 6
  • Orange = 7

Below the key is a reminder that codes must be written in ab order, with a being how many dice you found and b being the number that corresponds to the color of the dice, and then ascending order. By following this reminder and key, our one grey die would become 14 in code—1 for how many dice of that color we found and 4 for the number that corresponds to its color. If we continued to decipher our code, all of our numbers would be 14 (one gray die), 15 (one yellow die), 12 (one green die), 13 (one blue die), and 26 (two purple dice). Then, if we put these numbers in ascending order, our final code would be 1213141526.

Upon inputting your dice code into the computer correctly, another four-digit code will appear in the bottom-right corner of the computer that can be used to unlock the Staff Only door. That's all there is to it! Continue following the steps listed below to reach level eight.

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Level eight

Opposite the entity from level three, the level eight entity, the Skin Stealer, is completely deaf, meaning it can't hear running, walking, whistling, etc. In place of its sense of hearing, however, this entity's movement speed is increased and its sense of sight is extremely heightened, allowing it to spot players from across the map and charge rather quickly. Even if you manage to hide in a locker before being attacked, the entity will open the door and kill you if you've been seen.

The best ways to survive this entity and escape the level eight maze are to run whenever possible, but then camp the lockers as soon as your character's heartbeat starts to increase. You'll know that you're close to the end of the maze when you see green and red lights on the ceiling. To move to the next level, climb into the vent that's located at the end of the maze and swim up to the surface.

Level nine

Once you've surfaced in level nice, jump out of the pool and look for a group of colorful water slides. Luckily, there's no entity in this area, so you can explore for as long as you need to. Approach the start of the slides when you've found them to be teleported to the next area.

Level 10

This is it—the final level! In order to escape level 10, players will need to avoid two Titan Smilers, the same entity from level six, while looking for one or more keys. If playing alone, only one key will be available, if playing with others, multiple keys will be available to find. Similar to level six, the Titan Smilers in this level are extremely fast and do not stop chasing once they've spotted you—hiding in a locker after being spotted will not save you. Splitting up from teammates is normally risky, but it might not be the worst idea in this situation as the Titan Smilers typically lock onto one player at a time, giving the other players time to explore for the key.

Once you find a key, sprint to any corner of the map and use it to unlock the exit door. Upon doing so, you will be entered into a short cutscene that teases a part two coming soon!


If you've followed this guide successfully, congratulations—you beat Apeirophobia and escaped the backrooms! At least...for now. As this experience is updated, we will update this guide, or create new guides, accordingly.

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Roblox Apeirophobia Walkthrough - How to beat levels 0-10 (2024)
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