AI Video Editor: Create + Edit Videos Fast with AI (2024)

Edit and enhance videos quickly and easily

Our AI-powered video editor will dramatically decrease the hours you spend on time-consuming edits. AI-enhanced editing in Kapwing unlocks one-click automatic subtitles, audio cleaning,silence removal, voice over generation, and text-based video editing: the ability to edit any video just by editing the transcript. (Did we mention our AI editor automatically creates transcripts, too?)

Generate original content with a simple text prompt

Kapwing AI also includes our highly popular AI video generator that allows anyone to create new video content by typing a short text description. If you can dream it, Kapwing can help you make it. Type in any idea and Kapwing will instantly create an AI-generated video that includes video footage, transitions, background music, and subtitles.

Text to video AI is just the beginning. Get help with ideation with our AI-powered script generator, or repurpose your best-performing written content with our document to video converter. Whether you want to generate an original script or transform written content into video, Kapwing AI will help you move faster.

Unlock the power of AI video editing in your browser

All of our best-in-class AI tools are available in Kapwing's web-native video editor, which means every feature we build is available in your browser—there's no software to download and no plugins to install. Kapwing is free to get started and our affordable Pro plan gives you access to all of our advanced AI features.

AI Video Editor: Create + Edit Videos Fast with AI (2024)
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