Does Kosher Pizza Taste the Same as Regular Pizza? - Kosher Pizza Restaurant, Aventura FL | Mama Pizza (2024)

There are two main differences between kosher pizza and traditional pizza. The cheese on a kosher pizza must be made in adherence to kosher law and also because the pizza contains cheese, a dairy product, no meat can be on the pizza. But even with these two differences, a kosher pizza can taste very much like a regular pizza.

Kosher Cheese

Kosher cheese must follow strict production processes and must be overseen by a Jewish person to be certain that the process is correct. But that being said, there are many varieties of cheese which are produced in accordance with the kosher laws. Many kosher pizzas are made using several different types of kosher cheese to make up for the loss of flavors provided by meat products.

The Crust

The crust on a kosher pizza must be made with kosher flour which is produced only from specific grain. But the process can still be very much like the production of a regular pizza crust and taste much the same as well. Salt and spices can be added to the crust to increase the flavor as well.

Added Flavor

In an effort to increase the potential variety of kosher pizzas you will find that there are a large variety of toppings offered. Herbs and seasonings such as basil, oregano and garlic add to the flavor as well as vegetables such as bell peppers, green peppers, eggplant, spinach, olives, and mushrooms.

Kosher Pizza is as Good as You Choose to Make It

As a rule it is not about what can’t be on a kosher pizza but what you choose to add to a kosher pizza to make it taste good. The variety is much larger than most people think it is.

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Does Kosher Pizza Taste the Same as Regular Pizza? - Kosher Pizza Restaurant, Aventura FL | Mama Pizza (2024)
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